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Self-Defense F I N D   W H A T   Y O U R   L O O K I N G   F O R Home “The common denominator among every  human being is "Survival".”
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The creeds are philosophical spiritual guides that remind the students of our school’s core values as Martial Artists, that we have the right to defend ourselves and others, that ethics is vital to the survival and success in life, that we can improve ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually.   And “TRUTH” is found within each and every one of us.

The “Class Creed” was written by Ed Parker who was considered the father of American Kenpo.  “The Class Creed: Purpose” was written by Sifu Jose R. Villanueva specifically for Martial Science Technology:  Self-Defense students, but it is portable, and it can be used on a broad scale.

Martial Science Technology: Self Defense is a DRUG-FREE school. We do not support the use of street drugs and psychiatric drugs.

We do not accept and we will disqualify a student who is currently on any psychiatric medication due to the list of adverse side effects that can occur at any time depending on the Psychiatric medication that can make it a danger for the practitioner or other students.  It is our aim to maintain both a street and psychiatric drug-free environment for the safety of all students.

Some adverse effects may be physical or mental in nature that would inhibit one's ability to get gain from the physical activity.  The Martial Arts requires one to push the boundaries physically and mentally.  There is a lot of contact whether sparring or attacks (specialized training drills), and the use of weapons that require a person to be aware of their body control and environment, so injuries don't occur.


The school takes responsibility to maintain an environment that is safe for our students, and we understand that MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and SPIRITUAL well-being is important in the training of our students and the obtaining of 100% results.


Ethics or the lack thereof will determine success or failure. It is not just isolated to the Martial Arts. Any activity one is engaged in can be examined, and one can find that his resolutions have determined the fate of that certain activity. An individual must then ask, "What is Ethics?" Ethics is not morals or values. This is a usual mistake people make. Ethics is the rational solution that serves the greatest good for the greatest number of Dynamics.

The common denominator among every human being is "Survival". There is no individual living that is not trying to survive. People are surviving to a lesser or greater degree than others.Training and results in the Martial Arts can be at its optimum when ETHICS is maintained. The difficulties and lack of results are always of an ethical nature. Therefore, it is necessary for the student to be able to examine and identify what condition he/she finds himself/herself in, and find a solution that will raise him/her into a better condition. It is the job of the Ethics Officer to maintain ETHICS within the school. Therefore, any ethics situation will be handled immediately.


The student must maintain his/her agreed upon schedule. The days and times must remain consistent. If classes are missed, the student may make up the classes at the convenience of the school. Illness, severe injury or a serious family emergency are the only acceptable reasons for missing class, but the student must call the school immediately as it is known. Sometimes classes will be postponed temporarily by the instructor because of tournaments, testing, school functions, etc. scheduled on class days. If a holiday falls on a class day, the class will be cancelled, but it will not be rescheduled. It is very important that students do not miss classes, because it becomes a detriment to his/her training. If one expects to move swiftly through his/her training, he/she must be consistent.

A student who comes on the days scheduled and on time usually indicates good ethics. However, a student who is late to class or is absent from classes indicates that there is an ethical failure on his/her part; therefore, it must be handled immediately. The student will drop into a condition of LIABILITY because he/she is a disadvantage to the school and to himself/herself. The possibility to drop into lower conditions is great. One can deepen their ethics situation to such a degree that it only makes it more difficult to handle.  The school will not tolerate students who have ethics conditions.  Ethics conditions become a detriment to the student and the school.  If the student is willing to work on his ethics condition, the ethics officer will help him/her. If the student is unwilling to change his ethics condition, the school will have no choice but to dismiss him/her permanently.


The word "Dojo" is the area where one is training in the Martial Science Technology: Self Defense. There are rules that are necessary to facilitate the training of the student. When there are communications and actions that slow down training, it will disrupt what needs to be done. Therefore, it is the instructor's responsibility to make sure that the student is strictly following the DOJO RULES.

These rules are as follows:

1. The student must be well fed one hour prior to class.

2. The student must have had enough sleep (7 hours).

3. No eating during class.

4. A student may bring a water squeezer filled with non-staining workout sustaining fluid to maintain hydration during class.

5. Questions pertaining only to the subject at hand may be addressed during class.

6. Finger nails and toenails must be trimmed.

7. The student must have a clean standard gi (uniform), and be in uniform at all times during class.

8.  A school t-shirt or plain black t-shirt may be substituted for a regular uniform top.

9.  All students must have their school patch on their gi top.

10.  All instructors MUST be in complete uniform during classes at all times.

11. A male student must have a groin protector.

12. The student must maintain agreed upon schedule.

13. The student must be on time.

14. The student must keep track of his/her condition or state on any exercise, and work to improve over one’s last best performance.

15. If there is a group of students in one lesson performing exercises, there is to be no discussion between them during the performance.

16.  All students must ask permission to leave the Dojo floor during class for any reason.

… ED PARKER I come to you with only karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles, or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong, then here are my weapons, karate, my empty hands  - CLASS CREED
SifU  JOSE R.Villanueva

Sifu Villanueva who began his training in Kenpo Karate in 1979 under the instruction of Master Professor Bill Grossman, 9th Degree Black Belt.

Villanueva has been teaching since 1990, he currently holds the rank of Sifu (instructor) of Kenpo Karate, 4th Degree Black Belt...

Founder -  Martial Science Technology: Self Defense