By Jose R. Villanueva

As originally published on the Listen & Be Heard Weekly1, July 27, 2005.

There are some Martial Arts schools that do not take social responsibility. They accept anyone who walks in the door. It is vital for instructors to pre-qualify potential students. There must be a standard of character and mental well-being that any school should demand. A potential student would not only learn how to defend himself/herself, but he/she is learning how to injure another human being. So it becomes necessary to check the individual's background through a line of questioning that can determine one's eligibility. Is there a criminal background? Is there a drug history? Is there a psychiatric and psychotropic drug history?

Individuals who have a criminal history cannot be trusted to be given the knowledge to injure because it is almost certain that they will misuse it. Criminals have a pattern of behavior that have landed them in the "gray bar hotel." They have impulses that cause them to do what they do, so one must go with the pattern of behavior to establish truth. It is vital that instructors do not put criminal men and women on the streets with the knowledge to injure others.

Any individual that has a drug history must be thoroughly assessed. An instructor should not ever bypass this assessment. There are individuals that have truly rehabbed, and they have been clean for many years. But there are also those that are recreational or habitual users of drugs, and they should not be taught the Martial Arts. An instructor has a responsibility to make certain that the school environment is safe for its students. Many schools teach children, and no school worth its salt would allow any drug user to infiltrate the school. The stress should always be a drug-free society and a drug-free school.

Psychiatry is a "pseudo- science" as Tom Cruise amply stated. It does not get any results. Psychiatry is in the mainstream, so the public believes that it works. Yet they absolutely have no science to prove any of their claims. Children and adults are placed on ritalin which is basically a street drug. ADHD has never been proven to exist. Chemical imbalances do not exist. A Martial Arts school cannot ever allow any students that are on psychiatric lines, and/or on any psychiatric drug (prozac, ritalin, paxel, adoral, etc.). There is a mental and emotional instability that exists here with individuals that find themselves with a psychiatrist or on psychotropic drugs. They do damage to the body and the mind. It is a danger to society to teach these individuals the Martial Arts, so instructors must take care to take responsibility.

A society can only stay safe when individuals have integrity and ethics. Instructors of Martial Art schools can take responsibility by insuring that they properly screen potential students. The Martial Arts environment can stay clean by making sure they do not accept criminals, drug users, psychiatric patients and psychotropic drug users.

Anyone who would like to know more about psychiatric abuses, the dangers of psychiatric drugs, and how to get off of psychiatric drugs contact Claudia Phelps at (707) 765-9633 and/or go to the web-site (Citizens Commission on Human Rights).