By Jose R. Villanueva

As originally published on the Listen & Be Heard Weekly1, August 10, 2005.

Mission statements are the "heart and soul" of any school, business, and activity. No organization or activity can truly get results without an idea of what it is they want to accomplish. They will flounder with no direction or movement. The mission statement is the standard, the "sky-high" goal, and the reaching to "greater heights."

My school's mission statement was created before I opened up my school. I wanted to know that I had a passionate direction that was not only good for the school, but also good for society. It was important to me to have a standard of excellence and to demonstrate to the public that we have a goal in mind. Our mission statement is located at the entrance of the school, so every potential student or public can read it and know what our goal is.


The MISSION of the school is to develop the student's understanding and


Furthermore, develop students that are competent Martial Artists, competent

Instructors, competent Competitors, and competent Citizens of Society. Finally,

Develop an individual's awareness of the importance of the obtaining of KNOWLEDGE,

the RESPONSIBILITY of the use of the knowledge, and the demonstrating of CONTROL.

A Martial Art school is not just in the business of teaching self-defense. There has to be an alignment of Mind, Body, and Spirit. A student can learn the physical aspects of the Martial Art, but an individual will only be as successful as there is growth in the areas of the mind and spirit as well.

It is unfortunate but illiteracy predominates in society because of a failing school system that does not apply any study technology. It is very simple. Teach fundamentals, and expect people to pass at 100%. Schools are passing our children at 60-99% of the knowledge, and this is cumulative. They are creating liabilities in society because they will have difficulty being competent with all the missing knowledge.

My students are taught what ethics, integrity, honor, and responsibility mean, so they can actually apply it to life. When students can define what they mean, they have a better understanding. When they have an understanding of ethics, integrity, honor, and responsibility, they can evaluate whether or not they have been applying those aspects to themselves.

Knowledge, Responsibility, and Control are important to any activity. A person gaining the knowledge to do one's job can now take responsibility for that job, and thus have an ability to control that activity. It is no different in the Martial Arts or anything else in life.

An understanding of ethics, integrity, honor, knowledge, responsibility, and control gives an individual an ability to be competent in life and any activity one engages in. It begins with the spiritual and mental aspects of an individual. This is where the battle for growth is won or lost. This is why it is of vital importance to establish a mission statement that has meaning and substance that leads and directs an individual and an organization. Teach with 100% standards, and one will get competence.