By Jose R. Villanueva

As originally published on the Listen & Be Heard Weekly1, January 25, 2006.

There are many people that go through life unsure of what they are doing. A cursory examination of present time life will show that unsuccessful people are unsuccessful because they are not sure of themselves. Successful individuals are successful because they have a tremendous amount of certainty in themselves and what they are doing. Martial Arts practitioners depend on their certainty to obtain accomplishments and results. What is certainty? How does one establish certainty?

Certainty is defined as the exact knowingness, supreme confidence, and an ability to apply what one knows without any self-invalidation and self-abnegation. This permeates the individual to such a degree that it affects his environment. One knows so thoroughly that it cannot be shaken. It is a state of mental causation and doingness.

Certainty is the very thing that makes winners. So how does one establish certainty? There are component parts: 1) the mind, 2) negating any negativity, and 3) establishing knowingness. A Martial Arts practitioner develops these three components to create certainty.

One's mind plays a vital role in developing certainty. There shouldn't be any additives other than a decision and action. When a person is mentally certain, there's very little communication lag (time) between thought and action. Once something is decided, action follows very quickly thereafter. One must be able to make decisions swiftly. For example, someone asks another what his or her name is, so the person being asked the question responds in less than a second. This is an example of knowingness. The person knows his name so thoroughly that he will respond without much communication lag. Translate that into any activity or piece of knowledge.

Negative thoughts can infiltrate one's mind, so one must remain mentally strong. One cannot get into invalidating oneself, and one cannot allow one to get into self-denial. The way one can negate these things from happening is to always maintain a positive attitude. One can alter a negative thought by just deciding to change a consideration. Negative ideas and thoughts can literally ruin a person's ability to be successful, so one must be able to negate them.

Establishing knowingness is a simplicity. It is just a matter of thoroughly understanding conceptually any piece of knowledge. Any piece of knowledge should be so thoroughly known that it becomes a certainty. Every part of a subject being studied or any part of a doingness should be known 100%. When a Martial Arts practitioner is learning the techniques and exercises, he's learning to obtain certainty. So when a self-defense situation arises, he is certain of his ability to defend himself. For example, a doctor, an engineer, and a lawyer study and train to have certainty in their fields of endeavor. The lives of the public can literally be in their hands.

If a person can handle the mind, negates negative thoughts and ideas, and can establish knowingness, then he can have certainty. Certainty is only for those who want to be successful and have the mental strength to do what it takes to obtain it. There is a definite road that can be taken, and any individual no matter what the activity he is engaged in can have it.