By Jose R. Villanueva

As originally published on the Listen & Be Heard Weekly1, April 13, 2005.

The application of MIND is one-third of the formula to being successful in the Martial Arts. The other aspects are BODY and SPIRIT, but they will be covered in two other succeeding articles. There must be an alignment of MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, so a practitioner is complete. I will be isolating the MIND, so there will be a complete understanding of how it is applied in the Martial Arts. I will be covering the definition of a MIND. Next, I will be explaining the assimilation of knowledge. As a conclusion, I will discuss the nature of applying one's mind to discipline, accomplishing goals, and multi-tasking.

The MIND is an abstract thing because it cannot be seen, but the application of one's MIND can be seen in results. A mind can assimilate, evaluate, and conclude on data perceived from the physical universe. Good sound conclusions are based on an ability to see similarities and differences that produce logic. It is continuously estimating effort. Everyone's processing speed is different because it can be seen by how quickly an individual understands a concept or calculates an answer. Intelligence and mental capability is just potential without knowledge and an ability to apply it.

Assimilation of knowledge is the process in which one duplicates information, so one can evaluate the inflow of particles and make a conclusion. The MIND must be able to have a conceptual understanding of anything flowing its way. It is not memorization by rote, but an understanding from which one can apply data. If one owns the knowledge, he has assimilated it.

The MIND is senior to the body. Therefore, the practitioner is applying "mind over matter." This is important because one uses his MIND to discipline his body. A person uses his MIND to create POSTULATES. Postulates are self-created truths or decisions. The setting of goals are postulates that lead to an outcome. Multi-tasking is done by maintaining awareness of a number of items in one's environment. A practitioner uses his MIND to keep track of items or cycles of action (things put into motion with an intended result). Therefore, awareness is up to a point in which the individual can manage multiple things in one's environment at the same time.

The MIND is such a powerful thing. When we inspect all the things a MIND can do, it is very easy to determine that the use of the MIND plays a vital role in the Martial Arts. How could one keep one's poise in dangerous situations? How could one defend oneself with certainty without the proper assimilation of knowledge and its exact application? How could one set goals and move in any direction? Without an understanding and proper use of the MIND, one could not possibly be successful in the Martial Arts.